SUN BEST offers a wide range of solar solutions
SUN BEST offers a vast portfolio of solar power solutions ranging from a few kilowatts to a few megawatts. SUN BEST has expertise with various solar power solutions – off-grid, hybrid, roof-top and ground mounted systems providing stellar industry leading performance.
Industrial solar water heater systems are usually used in process need or pre-heating feed water in boilers to significantly reduce fuel consumption. SUN BEST Solar Water heating systems are designed to deliver hot water for most of the year using ISO certified solar panels along with automated controls ensuring overall system safety.
SUN BEST’s patented solar air heating technology can reduce nearly 75% of fuel consumption (furnace oil, diesel, coal, firewood etc.,) by using its Solar Air Heater. SUN BEST has successfully demonstrated this in its over 95+ projects across numerous agro and industrial processing solutions.
  • A 550 kW grid type powered to Santosa Feed Plant factory near Palani owned by (HATSUN AGRO) 
  • A 720m2 CPC successfully installed at Hatsun Agro Pvt Ltd, Salem 
  • A 270m2 solar air heater partially funded by UNIDO as per for reduced coal consumption in a leather auto sprayer in Kanpur. 
  • Roof mounted 10000 liters solar hot water system for leather tannery partially supported UNIDO in Kanpur has been successfully installed. 
  • Sun best also introduce many small dryers, tent dryer and stainless steel multirack solar dryers for chili’s, turmeric and fish drying

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