CPC High Temp Heating

Dairy: High Temp Heating

Solar Compound Parabolic Collector (CPC) at Hatsun Agro Product Limited, Salem

Project Overview

  • Hatsun Agro Products (HAP) Limited - Salem plant requires a large quantity of hot water at a temperature of 90- 95℃ for ice cream processing as well as boiler feed water.
    1. The plant requires 35000 L of hot water at a temperature of 90- 95℃ for the process heat in ice cream making and around 40000 L to 50000 L for the boiler feed water every day
    2. The hot water for processing is produced using steam with a plate heat exchanger (PHE)
    3. The average coal consumption/day is 11.3 tons in the 8-ton boiler

SUN BEST Solution

  • Based on the energy demand, 220 numbers of CPC 18 collectors, each 3.28m2 area are installed to provided 25,000 to 30,000 litre hot water of around 90 -950 C
  • Each bank of 110 CPCs is connected in a pressurized primary loop with expansion tank, pump, auto refilling water and a plate heat exchanger.
  • The secondary loop consists of cold storage water and pump coupled to the plate heat exchanger. The primary loop works at 2-3 bar pressure heating water to 110-1200C
  • The cold water passes through the PHE and get heated up to a temperature of 95 Deg C and it is taken to the process.
  • The requirement of hot water for processing starts early morning at 4 AM and a few times during day and also in the night. Hence a 21 KL storage has been designed.


  • The distance of process application from the storage is 300 m and drop of 30C was observed during this transfer; this drop is minimized by insulating the pipes.
  • The roof is very tall. Due to the 15m height of the roof, the installation team had a major hardship during installation. The team worked in a safe and efficient manner


  • A savings of 672 kg/day or 201 tonnes/year was recorded
  • The system is expected to give a saving of 7262 tonnes of CO2 in 15 years
  • Forest cover savings of 16920 acres over 15 years.