Mr. Sikkander Amin

He is a techno-management professional with 20+ years of experience as a Management & Project Consultant, he has successfully served as a management advisor for several top MNCs around the world. His advisory role as an energy management consultant for some large corporations brought him closer to the world of energy efficiency and renewable energy

Mr. Jude

A technocrat with more than 14 years experience in technology, business development and marketing. He was instrumental in driving the channel partners for companies like IBM, etc throughout India .

Mr. Brightwin

A technical Engineer started off as an renewable energy consultant with Auroville, (international township) Pondicherry. The atmosphere of innovation and education in Auroville was the ideal place for him to experiment and nurture his skills and become an expert in solar and wind energy applications. After spending more than 10 years in Auroville, he worked as a consultant for Government and NGOs. He has more than 18+years’ experience in installation of large MW projects.