Independent Solar Dryers

Completely solar dependent driers are key to sustenance in remote/rural areas. SUN BEST has successfully designed and implemented large number of fully solar dependent dryers for drying fish, fruits & vegetables, herbal products in rural areas.

Most farmers/fisherman could not afford either a building or electrical supply for processing. SUN BEST has given a solution for these farmers/fishermen by introducing fully solar dependent solar driers which could be kept in open spaces.

For preservation of food products like fish/marine products, fruits and vegetables, herbals, especially in remote areas SUN BEST’s fully solar operated dryers are ideal choices. The solar dryers convert the product into valued added products which may otherwise go as wastage A typical solar drier could process around 50 kg of products by using sun’s heat. The hot air fan is operated by solar electrical panels (SPV). These systems are suitable for remote regions as a livelihood for rural mass.

Some of the applications of the SUN BEST’s independent solar dryers include:

  • Solar Small Fish Dryer
  • Solar Home Product Dryer
  • Solar Ginger Dryer
  • Solar Herbal Dryer
  • Solar Turmeric Dryer
  • Solar Garlic Dryer
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