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Dr. Palaniappan

Thank you for visiting SUN BEST… Look forward to partnering with you on your Solar Journey!

Dr. C. Palaniappan
Managing Director, SUNBEST.

When I turn the clock back, it appears only now that I started exploring the emerging solar energy in 80’s as a new form of energy to be studied and tapped for a Green World. I vividly remember my attempt to convince the planters in Niligiris to opt for solar heating for tea processing and receiving a retort that solar devices will work in Madurai rather than in Niligiris. After persistent efforts, we could convince 9 tea factories to adopt solar air heating to reduce fossil fuel consumption with a payback period of less than 3 years! It also gives me utmost satisfaction that many units, installed way back in 1992-96 still work efficiently producing hot air, showcasing our team’s successful efforts to provide lasting life solar panels

Through PEN (Planters Energy Networks) & SUN BEST, we are actively promoting solar air heating and water heating mainly through large scale solar projects, both industrial and agro. Our entry to solar power projects (SPV) was much later. This is primarily due to earlier prevailing high cost of solar panels so that only government and essential services could afford it. I remember the rich experience in establishing a 1 KW SPV water pumping for a remote village fully funded by Department of Science and Technology before the birth of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). But today, solar power has brought a green revolution bringing major investment and large companies into play. It is really a miracle that the solar power which was considered only for lighting and powering fans, now has transformed into operating full machinery of large factories.

Our innovative solar air heating assisted Solar Dryers is a great boon to the agriculture industry and farmers, generating sustainable livelihood in rural areas. SUN BEST Solar Dryers facilitate hygienic food processing including value addition to fruits; for e.g., seasonal mangoes by conversion to pulp, with asceptic sealing could yield throughout the year mango bars by our innovative Solar Dryers. We are the pioneer in this field covering not only fruits but marine products and herbals through our extensive research as well as large demonstration projects in different parts of the country as well in overseas.

We value business ethics and integrity foremost in order to provide long-lasting solutions to our customers. Let us journey together in this bright Solar Era by harnessing more and more of our Sun for the betterment of humankind on earth!