SPV – Off Grid

Dairy: Solar Power

1 MW Solar Power at Hatsun’s Santosa cattle feed plant, Palani

Project Overview

  • HAP’s Santosa Feed Plant is producing cattle feed with raw materials like fiber maize, cotton seed di-oiled cake, rice polish, soya meals, lentils husk, palm kernel extract, etc.
  • The factory presently has an installed capacity of 850 KVA.
  • The plant on an average consumes 11000 units/day electricity.

SUN BEST Solution

  • To reduce electrical consumption, better pollution control, and reduction in CO2 emission, 1 MW solar on grid system was installed on the roof top of the factory.
  • Key highlights of the project were the innovative design, selection of 1st tier panels and superior inverter, Balance-of-Materials and cabling, along with optimized selection of evacuation systems.
  • The roof top installation was at a significant height, SUN BEST has commissioned the project ensuring zero incidents.

Novel usage of excess solar power

  • Due to the absence of grid export to utilize unused solar power during unscheduled machine stoppage, the solar power is used in a 200 kW electrical heater fitted in a 10,000 lit insulated water tank
  • This novel concept of diverting the excess solar power not consumed feeds a 3-ton boiler with preheated water to reduce fuel consumption.


  • On an average electrical savings of 4750 to 5250 units/day was recorded
  • The system is expected to give a saving of 10557 tonnes of CO2 in 15 years
  • An equivalent of 24597 acres of forest saving.